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Open Hostility - Reissue

by Razor

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In Protest 03:43
I deliver images of stark reality Reflections of the human race and our hypocrisy Questioning the reasons why our video was banned Severed from the airwaves in our home and native land Censored Mention sex or violence and the censors get concerned Insulting our intelligence, I guess we haven’t learned Why do goofs with hang-ups have control of what we think? This so-coiled free society’s a ship about to sink Look and then you’ll see Decisions being made for you and me That’s why we’re here, because we care We tell it like it is and we aren’t going anywhere Don’t let us down if you’re the same Get your point of view across and beat them at their game We’ve got to fight to stay alive Exposing ail the hypocrites until they can’t survive I’ve heard empty promises from those I used to trust So called friends who lie to you because they feel they must Tell you what you wanna hear then take you for a ride It’s not my job to scam and rob your wallets with a lie In protest raise your voices ’cause it’s time to take a stand Challenge their authority, we’ll take the upper hand
I fight the system ‘cause I’m offended Know what it means to be a pawn Manipulated beyond all reason You can’t decide what’s right or wrong Absorb the pressure, avoid the pain See the factory, it’s just a prison Life sentence just so you can eat You’re just a number, they’ll sacrifice you Replace you with a new machine You think they’re loyal, you think they care You think you’ll never lose your job You’re just a sucker, if you don’t wake up One day you’ll find out that you’re gone What are we doing, creating a system Resulting in meaningless lives? Instead of improving, we’re always abusing Too selfish to ever be wise Busting our butts in a rush to get nowhere Just look what we’re leaving behind A trail of destruction, self-centered obstruction It’s time to start using our minds Fight the system, lose the pain Lacking in courage, afraid of the future Pretending that everything’s fine How will it feel when you’re forty years old And you’re dumped from the factory line Plan your escape’ cause it’s certain to happen The day when you’re through is at hand Sucker for punishment, here is your warning Be ready before you get conned Fight the system, lose the pain Feel the pressure, this life’s insane
Why does everyone I know act stupid when they’re drunk? They talk too loud, slur their words, throw up on my rug They fall downstairs but they can’t feel the bruises they receive Pissing in my garbage can, can’t wait until they leave I never learn I threw the party, bought the booze, got what I deserved Didn’t think they’d wreck my house, never seen such nerve Now I’ll spend the next two days repairing all my stuff Get the disinfectant out, I hope I bought enough Puke stains permanently in my rug Won’t fade no matter how hard I scrub Shit Next time there’s a party I’ll be sure it’s somewhere else Revenge is mine when I show up, I’m gonna wreck your house Enjoy the panic stricken look on someone else’s face Nothing’s gonna stop me tram destroying your whole place
Road Gunner 03:08
Rising power, feel the speed as I shift into high gear All alone, lawn the road, I know your gates are near Hell sent, whipped with fury, death certificate I signed None survive my speed machine, I’m out to kill mankind Road Gunner, your fate Road Gunner at your gate You backstab me and think you’ll get off free Road Gunner, too late Lock your doors, bolt down the bars, here comes my death machine Cloud of hate hangs overhead, it always follows me Wicked swiftness, speed wind raider, I will hypnotize There’s no quicker way to kill than right between the eyes High balling speed, like lightning See the chrome shine, roaring wheels Burning up the highway My speed demon made of steel Road Gunner, say bye Road Gunner, you die Fuck with me and it’s your destiny Road Gunner, no lie
Cheers 02:34
Hey, I’m on a high roll I like to party hard Don’t dig no flakes in flashy clothes Who think they’re fucking stars I’ve got myself to live my life It’s all I really need I’ve worked this hard for what I am If you don’t like it you con leave Cheers: You only live one life Cheers: If you’re gonna party, do it right Cheers: Nobody’s gonna change my mind You think it’s rude, this attitude You must be fucking blind “They’ll never last”, well here we are We’ll thump right to the end Some have stayed and some believe This drink’s for you my friend But most of them, they cut us down And say we’ve got no class We might be wrong, we might be right So blow and kiss my ass! Cheers to my friends
Red Money 02:54
I don’t think you realize the way things really are Play with fire, burn yourself, you let things go too far Now you come to me and say that you can’t pay your dues You’ve been warned 1000 times so now you’re going to lose Fool. You know you’ve got more debts Than anyone I’ve met Compound interest paid in blood, ‘cause loan sharks don’t forget Where you live Skipping town will do no good, I knew you’d try to deke Sent my friends to follow you and now you’re up shit’s creek You can’t con a con man, there’s no point, you’re going down If you’ve got the money then pay up, don’t fuck around If they have to kick your ass, you’ve got yourself to blame You didn’t have to come to me for cash to play your games I’m just another businessman, I’ve got my job to do Pay back what you borrow or they’ll break your legs in two
Free Lunch 02:38
You piss me off, you drive me nuts You drink my beer and you always smoke my butts You owe me money, you owe me big You washed up nothing, you slob, you pig Don’t say you know me, don’t say we’ve met You squirmy worm, why don’t you pay back all your debts? You’re always sorry, but then you’re back Bleed me dry until I die, I’ll have a heart attack They warned me, but I never heard You always take advantage of me I told you to settle the score But you think your lunches are free You used to work to earn your keep But you always called in sick and now you spend the day asleep I’m not your mom, I’m not your dad I’m not a genius but I know when I’ve been had I want my cash and you expunge My money is the water and you wanna be the sponge You never change, but then again You’ve always been a loser but you’re also my best friend
Iron Legions 02:33
Forces beyond your control expose you to hazardous waste Arson, the deviants play, igniting the lead that you taste Acid, the rain starts to fall, smokescreen develops above Nature, the balance destroyed, killing the life that you love Legions protest in the streets The people aren’t willing to die Riots, the mosses are angry Exposing the corporate lie (again) Fighting the ignorant scum, they do anything that they please Fat cats, they don’t have the time to help us prevent this disease Violence grows with the problem, an issue the big shots ignore Anger, the people revolt, the legions will even the score Terrorism by another name, the end result’s the same Nobody wants to drink the acid rain, no way!
You wanna be cool, you wanna be tough You wanna be respected, be a man So you shoved off your face, cut off your hair Then they gave you a gun and a badge Now you’re the law, you do what you want And “we the people” do what you say ‘Cause you are the man with the gun in your hand God help us if we get in your way Hey, give me a break What the hell do you think is going on? They always think I’m stoned, never leave me alone I think it’s ‘cause my hair is long Hey, get off my case I’m speaking on behalf of my defense They’re always acting brave behind those tinted shades I’m guilty ‘til I’m proven innocent Now the world needs law and order as common sense dictates But big shot rookies busting heads is what I really hate The law is their authority, their actions justified To “serve and protect”, I think what they meant They’ll do what seems right at the time They think I’m trouble ‘cause I look like I do I see suspicion rise It’s getting harder just to walk down the street Without their Big Brother eyes It’s in the paper, now it’s on my TV I’ve seen the violence and hate They call it justice but they’ve pushed it too far Stop it before it’s too late Torture yourself with the facts You do what you’ve chosen to do No one is giving you sympathy Changes are long overdue I’ve got no problems with the cops ‘round the world Who put their lives on the line Rounding up rapists and diddlers and sorts Taking a bite out of crime But what’s this shit with the heavies some pull? I’m seeing Billy the Club It’s over race, religion, colors and creeds I’ve seen gunned down in cold blood Wise up if you are a super cop, hero I’m talking about No one has jurisdiction to play God and snuff a life out
Psychopath 02:31
I put my gloves on, I go outside I rev my engine and I’m ready to ride I’m hyperactive, I’m on a tear I’m on the highway going who knows where I feel explosive, I feel uptight I’ve got a hard on for some violence tonight You can’t subdue me, I can’t relax Don’t wanna be here when the virus attacks Forget who you are Forget where you’ve been You don’t want to meet the real me I’m a psycho (like Norman Bates) Increasing pressure inside my brain Cuts off the blood flow, constricting my veins The panic rises, I’m under siege At first you doubted me but now you believe Don’t try to help me, don’t hang around I’m not responsible for running you down Loss of control, possessed with hate You try escaping but you tried it too late The medication has no effect Organism that you’ll never detect A bastard virus, first of its kind Don’t know you’ve got it ‘til you lose your mind I take my gloves off, my job is done You didn’t listen when I told you to run I rev my engine, I head for home Until the next attack I’m finally alone
I Disagree 02:56
You know what my problem is ‘cause you know everything You say that we play too fast, you say that I can’t sing Tell the world your expert lies The speed freaks know you’re blind I don’t play for critics I don’t care what’s on your mind I disagree Sound the death knell for the bonds if they don’t like your face If they hurt your feelings you proclaim them a disgrace Weasels have no business interfering with our taste Tell the truth in your reviews, I’ve got no time to waste If a critic doesn’t like the music that you play Forget about his point of view, don’t matter anyway If they feel offended just because I wrote this song Then you’ll see some bad reviews, but now you know they’re wrong We disagree
Soldier, I’ve given you orders, you’ve got to be ready to tight Freedom is what we’re defending because it’s our God given right Living a life without violence, I know that you wish it was true Outlaws disturbing the world peace, now you know what you must do Leaders who crush human rights They know what they’re doing is wrong Armies of organized death squads They march to a different song Rise up and teach them a lesson They will not escape from the free Force them to give up the slaughter And then you will finally see The end of the war People who protest on our side, they think that all war is insane Ignoring security threats, they can’t offer on alternate way No one wants to wage warfare But sometimes you don’t have a choice No time for being naive Instead we should speak with one voice Hoping that we’ll see the day when war is a thing of the past Power in responsible hands will see that this war is the last Solving the issues around us depends on intelligent thought Regardless, we need our armed forces In case a new war must be fought Even the score, finish this war No more


1991's thrash metal soundtrack to the apocalypse now with 8 bonus tracks including demos and previously unreleased songs!

Deluxe reissues of three long out of print, classic Canadian thrash records! Each CD has been completely remastered, comes with super deluxe packaging and tons of unreleased bonus songs. A Canadian thrash institution for over 3 decades, Razor have toured the world with the likes of Slayer, Venom and Motorhead. These are 3 killer metal records from an iconic cult band finally getting the deluxe treatment they deserve!


released May 5, 2015

Relapse Records


all rights reserved



Razor Ontario

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